How to Use Google Photos from the Desktop : Using Google Photos On The Computer

How to Use Google Photos from the Desktop

Many individuals get excited about the use of Google Photos and how they can rediscover their photo library that was considered lost. Millions of photos that were once just sitting there and getting dust all over them. Not only this, Google Photos has much more to their program. Here we will teach you about the desktop tools that Google has created in order to sort through the photos that are not stored on your phone.

Google Photos service always puts mobile phones as their priority. Photos are able to be taken from off your mobile device. You will also get notifications when you should remove any photos when you are about to have no more room. However, there are a couple of programs included in Google Photos that you should know about. These will also allow you to sort through the images on your computer.

Desktop Uploader
Visit this link and follow the instructions on this page on how to get the suitable installation package for your Window or Mac computer. After you have done this, enter your details and decide on the Google account you want. Once this is done you can choose what folders you would like the application to save automatically. Storage cards and Camera’s are just two options.

On your phone, you can decide to upload any photos at the resolution they started off with. This can only be done by having the right amount of Google Storage. After this, the uploader does what it needs to do in the background. You can change the options located in the menu or system tab.

Google Drive
Always remember that Google Drive applications that are for Window’s and Mac computers, will automatically store local folders and cloud storage when synced. After you have turned the option of making a folder in your settings on the internet, and have downloaded it the client, all of your photos that have been uploaded will automatically come up on your local computer.

Keep in mind that you do not have to have this or Google Drive client going into over drive. However, Google Drive client allows you to decide what folders you want stored locally. The Drive client can be used to delete any photos from cloud storage. All you need to do is remove them from your computer.

Not only this, this program has the option of viewing your photos and videos from your library. The switch is located within the setting menu. You can also store a lot of photos stored in Google Drive. You can turn on this setting to view photos in Google Photos immediately. However, keep in mind that it will not transfer the photos. (If you decided to have this option as well as the earlier option switched on, you will have duplicate photos). Press this link for further information.

The Upload Button
If you do not want to waste your time with desktop clients, you have the option of a great small upload button is located next to the search box. This will allow you to upload your photos on iCloud. Folders of photos can be created at the same time. (To do this, press Ctrl+A or Cmd+A) The other option is to drag and drop photos on to the tab of the internet.

Once the transfer has been done, you will see a pop-up that allows you to sort the photos out in their own album. You can also create an album just for certain photos. Your device has the same sort of metadata in it. All the names of the files are saved. This helps you to easily look for the photos. You have the option of deciding to upload all photos in this manner if you did not want to install and download extra programs.