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Productivity Apps for a Smarter and Faster You!

Smartphones are called smart for a reason- for a large part they have a brain of their own as technology is becoming all the more intuitive and insightful giving you seamless performance and output. Productivity in personal and professional life can be increased many fold with Productivity apps that go to a great extent to reduce human effort.

Check out the top trending productivity apps that should be downloaded on every smartphone for sure:

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an ingenious app that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls for free. It’s especially productive for business when you’re discussing important developments and you might want to keep track of what the conversation transpired. It can also help in keeping personal data handy for times you don’t have a pen and paper to write information down, allowing you to simply record important calls. You can change the location of your recordings to an external SD card giving you easy access. This surely is one of the best recording apps on the market giving its customers a unique service which can come in handy during a variety of circumstances and situations.

Be sure to download these brilliantly fluent and productive apps that give you added agility and boost performance hence saving time and improving output.

Phone Clean Speed

Smartphones are being used 24×7 which is why one needs good battery life however even with a good performing battery, the performance of a phone tends to go down over time which is why you need an app like Phone Clean Speed which helps get rid of reduntant apps that might be sucking up your battery making your phone slower. You can easily clean up and make more storage space as well as speeden up your RAM allowing your phone to run faster and give you better battery output. For a junk free mobile experience, Phone Clean Speed is your best friend!

Keyboard for Excel

Excel is a great tool that helps simplifies a variety of facets of business be it data analytics, financial predictions or sample testing. Using Excel on a mobile can be difficult at times which is why you should download this beautifully designed app to simplify your needs. The keyboard is customized and optimized for Excel giving you quick access to operators along with a 10-key layout to quickly type in data.  You can quickly navigate across coloumsn with a tab key as well. Get yourself a wide inch phone for better accessibility to Excel with amazon india coupons to get amazing deals and discounts on your purchase and use Excel like a pro.

Adobe Fill and Sign

The Adobe Fill and Sign is an app that will surely dazzle you. It offers you the ability to fill in paper forms or email forms directly in the app. All you need to do is take a picture of the application or scan it into the app allowing the app to convert these digital files into forms. You can easily apply autofill options as well to further hasten the process. You can use your finger or stylus as well and add initials and signatures to your documents. This surely is a revolutionary app everyone needs on their phone.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an app which is a must if you’re looking for memory space and a secure location to store important documents and files. Carry your files with you be it audio, video, photographs or important papers and get access to them from anywhere through your mobile or tablet. The files are backed up and you can easily view and edit them from your Google Drive Account as well as easily search for them by name or nature of content. You can share files on the go so that work is not stopped. This is a great tool to help you carry your world with you. Additionally, you can also browse through flipkart coupons for high memory capacity phones giving you added benefit over and above Google Drive.

Google Slides

Google Slides allows you to easily create and manipulate PowerPoint presentations. You can easily create new presentations or edit existing ones as wel as get access to presentations on the web and manipulate them as well. You can easily share these presentations and edit them with Microsoft PowerPoint slides in order to integrate them better. What’s best is that you can get work done even without the need of an internet connection which truly makes this app a must have as it gives you functionality on the go.

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